About Us

Bringing passion and dreams to life…

Kulture Klash may simply be described as a hamlet for diversity. “Kulture (culture) derives from a French term which in turn derives from the Latin word “coelere” which means to tend to the earth and grow, or to cultivate and nurture. And this is who we are! The brainchild of three phenomenal women, we have cultivated a place where fashion creates sisters, not strangers. Witness the Surori range come to life in the idyllic setting that is Kulture Klash.

Welcome to Kulture Klash, a place where diversity is both encouraged and embraced.

W ith years of experience in business and fashion, we combined our will and determination to give birth to Kulture Klash – the living embodiment of our passion. This is a dream come true.

We started out by creating a haven of peace meshed with fashion and wellness, and Kulture Klash is now leading the way for women’s boutiques – and our coffee is just the best!

Nestled in the trendy and cosmopolitan suburb of Parktown North, we are happy to invite you to experience tranquility amongst the busyness of 7th Avenue. Find the outfit of your dreams from our handpicked range from leading designers around the globe! Take a breath and before you’re done, you’ll be wanting more!


Meet the team

Bianca Sadie
Aimee Sadie